Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

Flowers Vietnam delivers flowers in 63/63 cities and provinces throughout the country. Flower will be delivered according to chosen sample by members of Flowers Vietnam.

Flowers Vietnamopens at 7 a.m and closes at 7p.m to domestic customers as usual.  Requests outside working hours can be satisfied depending on conditions. We serve customers 24/7, 365 days in a year. For Lunar New Year, some branches might have their own days off.

The standard journey for national flower delivery is 6 hours since the time customers order.Flowers Vietnam will transfer flowers to receivers within 3 or 4 hours for all nationwide cities and provinces and within a day for neighbor regions (about 10-15km).

For urgent delivery, please contact to our hotline: 0905.2260.26 get our support.

Flowers Vietnamis committed to applying no extra charges on rush occasions such as Tet, national holidays: 14/2, 8/3, 20/20, 2/9, 30/4….

Condolence – funeral flowers:

Before delivering, Flowers Vietnam will contact to the buyer to know exact time to deliver flowers in term of this family tradition (usually after shrouding and before removal of the coffin). However, for case of having not information about delivery time, if we can’t deliver on requested time, Flowers Vietnam accepts to deliver flowers in another time within 6 hours since the estimated time.

For families do not receive flowers, order has considered to be carried out (without signature in this case).

Flowers delivered in hospitals/ medical centers/ isolated rooms:

Several areas accept no fresh flowers. For this case, we will inform recipient about the flower delivery and place them in a permitted area. If possible, Flowers Vietnam can wait until the receiver recover.

We would like to refuse any deliveries in coach, train, plain, ship, post office, military forbidden area, dangerous region, war area, area suffering disaster, prison… restricted areas in airport, station….

For wrong address leads to wrong delivery place (buyer’s fault)

-         Employees of Flowers Vietnam will keep in touch with recipient (or buyer) to change to other place if the new place is less than 5km from the old place.

-         If we cannot contact with both buyer and receiver, Flowers Vietnam will store flowers within 3 hours since the estimated time and wait to get exact address. After 3 hours if we still are not informed right place, the order is cancelled (no signature and return).

No recipient

In case that the receiver is not in the delivery place, the order is also cancelled.

If recipient is outside, Flowers Vietnam will:

-       Deliver flowers to her relatives, friends, office or company…. (The taker must sign).

-       Deliver in another time within 3 hours. After this time, if we still are not informed right place, the order is cancelled (no signature and return).

-       Place in a safe room to make it convenient for receiver when she come back office/ room (no signature)


If the recipient refuses to receive flowers, delivery will be cancelled.

If the recipient is a VIP/ in an isolated room, flowers will be delivered to secretary, guard, acquaintances….

Note: During delivery procedure, we will be contact will the buyer; therefore, receiver and buyer should discuss to find down the most convenient time and place.